July 9, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. HOWE: (Minister of Reconstruction and Supply)


1. Yes, Central Mortage and Housing Corporation.
2. Since February last, Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation has been actively promoting the organization of an extensive research programme, having as its object the development of a number of house plans and designs particularly suited to the needs of farm families, and improved modern equipment for farm homes.
3. As a result of discussions which Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation has held during the last few months with the governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, a prairie rural housing committee has been established representing the three prairie governments, Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and the Dominion Department of Agriculture, to plan a programme of rural housing research. This committee held a special meeting in Saskatoon on May 20, 1947 and as a result, seven specific rural housing research projects were recommended. The recommendation in respect of each project also suggested at what prairie research institution the particular project should be conducted.
The research projects to be investigated are improved farm house plans, more economical methods of ivall construction using materials available locally, the development of improved running water and sewage disposal systems for farm homes, farm house electric lighting and electrical appliances, better methods of heating farm houses, a special study of farm kitchen planning and equipment, and the development of a few suitable designs for the construction of rural community centres. The individual projects are now being considered by the governments concerned, and it is expected ah early start will be made on most of the projects, particularly the study of farm house plans. The research programme will be financed jointly by Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the three prairie governments.
There has also been established in British Columbia a rural housing committee through which the British Columbia government and

Inquiries of the Ministry
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation will carry on research and promotional activities in an effort to improve the standard of rural housing in that province.

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