June 27, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Grote Stirling

Progressive Conservative


Can the minister say what, progress has been made in implementing the report of the joint engineers on the Okanagan flood control? I am not going to make a speech on the subject, although there is plenty of material. The minister will recall that a joint committee of engineers of the dominion and provincial governments was set up in 1943 and duly reported, making its recommendations. This came about after public meetings and public hearings and after a considerable amount, of damage had been done to 100 miles of the lower Okanagan valley as a consequence of the flooding of Okanagan lake. The dominion government is interested in the matter because of the navigability of the water and because, for many years it has operated the control work at the south end of the lake. That control work is inadequate for its purpose, and the tortuous course of the Okanagan river makes it impossible for the flood water to be carried off safely. The municipalities and everyone in the district were extremely interested when this joint committee was set up, but now we want to know what progress will be made with the acceptance or otherwise of the recommendations in the report. I hope the minister will be able to tell me that, meetings will be held between him and the provincial government for the purpose of deciding what will be done.

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