June 20, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Wilfrid Garfield Case

Progressive Conservative


I think this matter should be pursued further. Last year $43,555 was voted and only $4,700 was spent. This year the minister is asking for $27,863. This branch seems to be treated as an orphan. Last year there was a director of health insurance studies at $6,600. This year no provision is made for a director, but temporary assistance is being provided for, and it would seem that a director would be required to direct the course of studies of his assistants. Practically the same amount is provided for temporary assistance this year as last. There was also an item of $6,000 last year for professional and special services. Nothing is provided for that this year. There may be some reason why that is not required. I do not think the minister has justified his request for $27,000 this year when only $4,700 was spent last year. The minister talks about ten employees. Mention of their names conveys nothing to me. I should like to

Supply-Health and Welfare
know what work they are doing. It would mean something if I were told that they were engaged in medical or dental or actuarial services. A break-down of that kind would be helpful.

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