June 2, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council)


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister):

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to be able to announce that the President of the United States of America will visit Ottawa on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. The president will be accompanied by Mrs. Truman and Miss Truman.
The invitation to visit Canada was conveyed some time ago to the President, on behalf of of the government, both by His Excellency the Governor General and by myself as Prime Minister.
I am sure it will be gratifying to hon. members that, notwithstanding personal anxieties of recent weeks, the President has found it possible to carry out his visit as planned. Hon. members will likewise be delighted that Mrs. Truman and Miss Truman will be with the President.
The President and his official party will leave Washington on the afternoon of Monday, June 9, and .will arrive at Ottawa at 3.30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 10. The President will be met at the Canadian border and be accompanied to Ottawa by the Secretary of State for External Affairs (Mr. St. Laurent), and Mr. Atherton, the Ambassador of the United States.
On arrival at Ottawa, the President and Mrs. Truman will be met by His Excellency the Governor General and the Viscountess Alexander and by myself. Others present will include Madame St. Laurent and Mrs. Atherton, the Canadian Ambassador to the United States and Mrs. Wrong, and His Worship the Mayor of Ottawa and Mrs. Lewis.

Visit oj President Truman
The President's train will not be brought in to the Union station, but will be stopped at Island Park drive, to permit of the President and his party approaching the city and driving to government house by way of the experimental farm and the canal driveway, as was arranged at the time of the visit of the King and Queen. A guard of honour will be mounted at Rideau gate. On the President's arrival at Government house, there will be a salute of 21 guns.
In the evening, a state dinner and reception will be given at government house by Their Excellencies the Governor General and Lady Alexander.
On the morning of Wednesday, June 11, the President will address a meeting of members of both houses of parliament. Hon. members are asked to assemble in this chamber at 11.30 a.m. The proceedings will commence at 11.45 and will be broadcast over a national network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
At 12.30, at the conclusion of the morning's proceedings, the President will leave the parliament buildings by the main entrance, and will drive by way of Bank street, Laurier avenue and Elgin street, to the national war memorial, where the President will lay a wreath at the foot of the memorial.
Following this ceremony, members of both houses will be afforded the honour of meeting the President at a parliamentary luncheon to be held at the Chateau Laurier.
The President and Mrs. Truman have kindly accepted an invitation to be my guests at dinner at Laurier house on Wednesday evening.
Thursday, June 12, is being kept free of official engagements so that the President and his party may have a day for relaxation. In the evening, the President and Mrs. Truman will be the guests of the United States Ambassador and Mrs. Atherton at dinner at the United States embassy.
The President will leave Ottawa, by train, later the same evening.
Mr. II. C. GREEN (Vancouver South): Mr. Speaker, may I be permitted to say a word on behalf of the official opposition concerning the announcement just made by the Prime Minister?
We are delighted to learn that President Truman is to visit Canada while parliament is in session. It is always a great privilege and pleasure to receive the head of the United States, our cousin nation and trusted ally. Particularly is that so on this occasion, because senators and members, representing Canadians from coast to coast, will be able to participate in the welcome and to hear the President
speak on the floor of the Canadian House of Commons. His visit is one more indication of the good will prevailing between our peoples. Quite apart from the formal welcome to the President, we are glad to welcome him, his wife and daughter, as individuals. I am sure I speak for all members of the house when I say we feel that they are old friends. We have noticed their great capacity for friendliness, that trait which is so characteristic of citizens of the United States. We of the official opposition trust that our distinguished visitors will thoroughly enjoy their stay in Canada.

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