July 21, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Andrew B. Ingram



I thought I was answering fully and fairly. I think that the management of the Toronto 'News ' is quite capable of answering any editorials that appear in this paper. In respect to the immigration litei'ature-or campaign literature, for it seems to me to be about the same thing nowadays-I find that the Department of Immigration has paid the Winnipeg ' Free Press ' $7,000 for a paper issued by that concern. Now, if the Department of the Interior were doing its duty.
It would not allow any literature intended to be used for immigration purposes to be sent out without scanning every line to see whether the circulation of it is in the interest of this country. So, I say that when the hon. member for Alberta (Mr. Oliver) allows the government to circulate at the public expense a newspaper which states as a mere rumour something derogatory to his constituency, he is not doing his duty to those who sent him here, nor is he displaying the energy which he displays when Mi\ Macouh. a government officer made a report about his part of the country. Is that lack of energy due to the fact that there are a couple more senatorships being' given to the Northwest, or is it because there is an edition of 5,000 immigration pamphlets being published by the Edmonton ' Bulletin ? ' This pamphlet, the newspapers tell us, comprises 80 pages profusely illustrated with scenes from the. district and business places of Edmonton and with portraits of many of the leading men of the town. I wonder if the hon. gentleman himself would be included. These pamphlets, I understand, are to be distributed in the United States and Great Britain. So we have $7,000 for this edition of the Winnipeg ' Free Press ' and we have an edition of 5.000 copies coming from the Edmonton ' Bulletin ' Office. Is there anything for the Regina ' Leader ? ' Would the hon. gentleman (Mr. Scott) say that there is any of this patronage for the ' Leader ? ' Now, is this system in the interest of the people ? Is it in accordance with sound policy to dole out payments for immigration literature as patronage to favoured people in the Northwest Territories ? The government has its printing bureau here. If they would furnish that printing bureau with better facilities why could not all that work be done there ?

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