April 21, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. MARTIN: (Minister of National Health and Welfare)


1. Pamphlets _
Report on Nutrition and the Production and Distribution of Food..
The Canadian Mother and Child
Your Baby's Teeth
Healthful Living
Daily Diet During Pregnancy (card)
Request Cards for Canadian Mother and Child
Nitrous Fume Poisoning
Benzol Poisoning
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Lead Poisoning
All Aboard the Good Lunch Train
Camp Feeding [DOT]
Canadian Food and Nutrition Statistics
Canada's Food Rules
How Well Fed Are You
If You Eat
If You Serve Food
It's Good Business Girls to Eat Well
Let's Talk Food Mother
Mother-The School Lunch
Nutrition Surveys
Quantity Food Service
Reading References
Score Sheet for Each Day's Meals
Table of Food Values
The Lunch Box is on the March
Victory Over Disease
Isn't She Lovely

Number of copies circulated
English French
72,190 38.280
26,900 13,860
55,000 13,600
30.000 15,000
20,000 10,000
2,900 2,525
7,890 5,000
4,450 3,000
700,000 100,000
5,930 2,000
100.000 60,000
105,000 75,000
69,000 56,000
16,480 2,000
13,360 30,000
101,590 58,850
1,500 900
2,000 1,000
1,200 1,070
32,000 29,000
15,000 3,300
212,300 4,680
58,420 5,500

Pamphlets-(Con.) Number of copies
English French
Why Let It Bum 39,000
Stop This 116,300
Facts About V.D 55,000
V.D. Cartoon Books 19,000
V.D. Manual for Teachers 200
Canada's National Health and V. D. Control 6,050
Seroresistance in Syphilis 9,300
Sanitation-Sewage Treatment for Isolated Houses and Small
2,940 640Wells
3,945 710Home Treatment of Rural Water Supplies
2,410 700La contamination des eaux potables
2,000 Air Conditioning and Heating in Relation to Health
3,080 1,250The Rat Menace
1,870 690Noise and Vibration Control
485 240A Children's Charter
20,000 .4,000Graphic Sheets (series of four)
4,289,000 (bilingual)Bulletin No. 1
290 Bulletin No. 2
225 Bulletin No. 3
250 Fitness for To-day and To-morrow
1,850 1,730Better Health Through Skiing
8,070 4,450What You Should Know About Tuberculosis
1,960 1,200Variole et vaccination
Immunization (set of six)
3,100 400Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
1,200 1,000Care of the Feet
200 Plant Nurse
1,650 1,300Canada's Food Rules
3.400Foods for Health
600Kitchen Wall Chart [DOT]
5,200Meal Patterns
1,000Milk for Everyone
10,420 2,900Eat a Good Breakfast
12,000 2,000Eat a Good Lunch
12,000 2,000Eat a Good Third Meal
12,000 2,000Eat Right Score High
12,000 2,000Good Teeth
1,500 425A Good Winter Diet
1,150Get the Most Value from the Food You Buy
6002. Other than three periodicals published by the Department of National Health and Welfare, all health education material such as books, pamphlets, folders and posters is produced) in quantity at the federal level and shipped in bulk to provincial departments where it is used by public health nurses and others in closest contact with the public. Quantities for all V.D. literature are determined by the provinces and then shipped to them after printing. This is in accordance with a recommendation made by the Dominion Council of Health.
In addition a great many individual requests are received and filled1 by this department for such publications as "The Canadian Mother and Child". Such requests come from expectant mothers, doctors, public health nurses and others in that field of endeavour. Further, many requests for informational material are received from groups and organizations such as the Women's Institutes, Red Cross, Home and School Associations and others. The department makes every effort to fill such requests as received.

3. There are no mailing lists maintained for individual publications other than for the three periodicals mentioned below:
(a) Canada's Health and Welfare, circulation 85,000 (English and French).
This bulletin is designed as a clearing house for health and welfare information between federal, provincial and municipal departments and independent and voluntary health, welfare and social service organizations. It seeks to publicize nation-wide health and welfare policies and problems, to acquaint each province and municipality with advances in other provinces and municipalities and to instil in medical, public health, welfare and community leaders a greater appreciation of health and welfare, services. It is distributed to all doctors, dentists, public health workers, social service and welfare workers, nurses, legislators both federal and provincial, teachers, municipal officials, clergy, trade unions, service clubs, women's organizations, libraries, newspapers, radio stations, and to many private citizens who request copies. The circulation list is, in common with other departmental periodicals, under constant revision.
(b) Industrial Health Bulletin, circulation 35,000 (English and French).
This monthly publication circulates to all plants employing fifteen or more people; all federal and provincial legislators; house organs published, in Canada; newspapers, magazines, and other similar periodicals; trade union and industrial associations. (There are presently 3,259 English and 1,740 French copies circulated to trade unions alone).
(c) Canadian Nutrition Notes, circulation 6,700 (English and French).
This periodical is circulated to nutritionists, restaurant people and others interested in that field" of activity. The circulation list was built up as a result of individual requests. The
(a) (b)
Name Salary
2. Niagara Falls
Barr, M SI.080
Bevan, J. G 1,920
Bradley, F. V 1,800
Collins, J. P 1,800
Ransom, H. R. , 1,800
Riches, T. H 2,700
Scott, B 720
Thomas, M. 1 1,080
Boles, L. M 1,080
Griffiths, 0 1,800
Lynn, J 1,272
MacLean, K. A 2,289
original issue of Canadian Nutrition Notes carried an invitation to all those interested to write to the Nutrition Division of this Department to be put on a circulation list.
Five other mailing lists are maintained by the Information Services Division of this Department as follows:
Press releases to newspapers, 250.
Trade paper and other special releases-40, National Health Radio Notes-125, "Canada's Health" column for English and French weekly newspapers-300, press fillers-1,120.
These, it will be seen, are not in fact publications but are, as the names indicate, press and radio releases.
4. Answered by No. 3 above.
5. and 6. None.

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