April 21, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Thomas Langton Church

Progressive Conservative

Mr. T. L. CHURCH (Broadview):

Mr. Speaker, the report should be sent back to the committee for further consideration. The time has gone by when we should be sending abroad these missionary committees which amount to nothing. All the information on Palestine and UNO can be found in the library, but members are not studious enough to go into the library and learn something about the united nations, which is a failure. If the United States and Great Britain cannot solve the complicated Palestine question coming before the united nations, nobody can. The Palestine question is a very complicated one and is made more so by the presence of
Jews in Germany as well as in Palestine. On the other hand the Arabs, who are very powerful, have aided Britain and have supporters in every country. We are spending money like water on these useless missions like the UNO all over the seven seas. I object to this report being adopted. It should be sent back to the committee.
Amendment (Mr. St. Laurent) agreed to.

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