July 21, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Rufus Henry Pope

Conservative (1867-1942)


This is signed by ' Sydney Fisher ' writing to his friend. Well, he did not make any mess of it because I have a letter from Mr. Parmelee the member for Shefford in which he says :
Your evidence is splendid and I am going to publish it. I got Cleary to go in. Others have promised to go into Cowansville. I fancy we will be able to make out a case strong enough to justify remedial legislation.
Evidently this poor man, thanks to the kindly advice of the hon. Minister of Agriculture, got through with the ordeal with credit to himself. Then, on January 4, we find the following :
Ottawa, January 4, 1902.
My dear Bull,-I have yours of the 3rd instant and thank you for the information contained therein.
The chief reason our eastern township's beef is worth so much less on the market is that it is from dairy stock and only half fed. The western beef is nearly all from the beef breeds and consequently is more suited for that object. This we can hardly help, as our live stock work is chiefly dairy work, but dairymen might feed their animals better and get them into better shape.
As to Mr. Parmelee's investigations-I hope to see him within a few days and let you know just what he is going to do. Be sure and be ready for him when the time comes. I got your letters all right.
Yours very truly,

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