July 21, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Rufus Henry Pope

Conservative (1867-1942)


Mr. Speaker, be fore you leave the chair, I wish to call tlm attention of the House to a subject of great importance to the farming community, especially to that portion of the farming community that is engaged in dairying. And I shall conclude my remarks with a motion. For many years there has been a great grievance with regard to the manner of weighing dairy products shipped from the port of Montreal. This grievance i felt especially by the eastern townships and by the eastern portion of the province ot Ontario. The urgency of the case was made apparent to the government some) three years ago, when they issued a royal commission, addressed to W. G. Parmelee, Deputy Minister of Trade and Commerce, for the investigation of this matter. At the beginning of the session I endeavoured to get some information in connection with the matter. Over two years have elapsed since Mr. Parmelee held this commission. It was felt-and rightly felt-by the farming community who are interested in the sale of dairy products that their affairs are handled in a neglectful way, not at all in keeping, with their importance. For two years this matter has been hanging fire since Mr. Parmelee was appointed. Early in the session I took the opportunity to put the following questions
1. Was there a commission appointed to investigate the weighing of butter and cheese ?
2. If so, when was this commission appointed, and what was the name of the person or persons who constituted the commission ?
3. At what places, if any, did the commission hold sittings ?
4. Did they take evidence, and were reporters and newspaper representatives admitted ?
5. Has the commission reported ? ^f not, why not ?
6. At whose request was the commission appointed ?
This question was answered as follows :

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