July 21, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Sydney Arthur Fisher (Minister of Agriculture)



This Bill is founded on the lines of a law which was passed by this parliament a few years ago to authorize the incorporation of live stock associations. Gentlemen who have followed recent events are aware that a good deal of discussion has occurred in the country in regard to the seeds that are used by our farmers for sowing purposes. A number of persons interested in seed-growing and anxious to bring about a better quality of seed which should be true to name have formed themselves into an association, but there is no law under which this association or subsidiary associations can be legally constituted. I have been asked to introduce this Bill, which would make those associations legally incorporated bodies. The real reason for this is to provide machinery by which a certificate of the purity of the seed can be given. The Bill authorizes the formation of these associations and the confirmation of the by-laws. The association was formed only a couple of months ago at a general meeting, which was held at Ottawa, and the reason of the late introduction of this Bill is because of the but recent action of those interested. I think the measure is in the interests of the farmers of this country, and I hope there will be no opposition to" it, and that it will become law even though introduced at this late period of the session.

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