April 2, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. McILRAITH: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Reconstruction and Supply)


1. Yes.
2. Answered by No. 1.
3. Yes. Preference in purchasing is given to war veterans, the purchasers being designated by Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
4. As of February 14, 1947, 6,194,762 F.B.M.
5. 1.686,702 F.B.M. at a total price of $68,068.38 has been sold to veterans up to March 25, 1947. Of this amount, 461,832 F.B.M. at a price of $16,846.22 was sold by war assets corporation direct to veterans designated by Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation and 1.224,870 F.B.M. at a total price of $44,541.01 was subsequently sold to Dwelling Electrical and Construction Supplies, the officially appointed agents of Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation for resale to veterans. The latter price quoted is the actual price at which war assets corporation sold to D.E.C.S. who added 15 per cent to cover handling charges. The actual price at which this lumber was sold to veterans, therefore, including the 15 per cent handling charge, was $51,222.16.
6. 2.000,000 F.B.M. has been sold to Wartime Housing Limited for use in veterans' houses.
7. Yes. The 2,000,000 F.B.M. which Wartime Housing Limited purchased was shipped into the province of Quebec.

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