March 3, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Gordon Graydon

Progressive Conservative


That is between the
Moscow meeting and the general conference.
Mr. ST. LAURENT: At the Potsdam
conference, and even before that, as early as the Moscow conference of 1943, the general principles with respect to the settlement with Austria were agreed to and published. The general principles with respect to the settlement with Germany have not yet been agreed to and published, and it is at this preliminary meeting at Moscow, which will open next week, that it is expected that the foreign ministers will coordinate their views as to the general principles; and it will be weeks and months after that before the details to carry out these general principles will be worked out. It is, we think, at that period that the allied powers should be associated in the committee work.
There should be on these committees a wide membership of states which participated in the war against Germany. We do not suggest that every state would have to be represented on every committee, but we do think there should be a wide representation of all the allies on these working committees.

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