August 24, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Bracken (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Progressive Conservative


When I can I like to
support the government. On this occasion I support the motion made by the Acting Prime Minister. He is rapidly learning how to make progress in the house. I think by the action he has taken we shall secure prorogation earlier than if we had sat to-night.
I shall not make any comment now on the measures which he has said he would leave over, and his reasons for so doing. I think the decision was a wise one. In postponing consideration of those measures, the government proposes taking action by order in council in the meantime. I am sure that the government will expect to defend itself for so doing. At the present time we are not agreeing to what the government may do between sessions. We understand that it will be doing by order in council what it would be seeking to do, or what it would have sought to do by the measures it is withdrawing. The minister has been explaining that the government will have to do something in the meantime. I am saying that we are not now agreeing with what it may do.
Mr. ST. LAURENT: The government will be prepared to defend, as having been the proper thing to do, an increase in the number
of men to be recruited for the peacetime-army.

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