August 24, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Walter Adam Tucker (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Veterans Affairs)



As the hon. member knows, the imperial government paid these awards in regard to the first great war, and when we assumed the obligation to pay it to Canadians who participated in this war, of course immediately the question arose, should we not pay holders of the military medal in respect of the first war the same as we are paying those who won it in the last war. Of course we never assumed any obligation to pay any of the gallantry awards of the first great war; so the question arises whether we should make this principle retroactive to the first great war. That is of course a new principle. We have done some other things: for example, clothing allowance has been increased very considerably; the claim is that it should be made retroactive, and that arises in all these things. Representations have come in, but our committee did not make any recommendation on the matter. Of course if very strong representations are made the matter will, I suppose, receive consideration.

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