August 24, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John George Diefenbaker

Progressive Conservative


Last year I brought up a question with regard to hospitalization, and the utilization of the natural facilities available at Watrous lake, the chemical waters of which have been found to be beneficial for the treatment of neurological diseases. Ever since the Indian tribes used to gather there more than two hundred years ago, use has been made of the waters of this lake in the treatment of certain types of disease, particularly unsettled mental conditions and the like. Within the last six months the government of Saskatchewan made an investigation to ascertain the properties of the waters of this lake, and I understand they have been found to be particularly beneficial for neuro-

Supply-Veterans Affairs
logical complaints. I do not think there should be any difficulty in arranging with the government of Saskatchewan to make available to soldiers requiring neurological treatment certain facilities that were built there some fifteen years ago. I should like to have a statement from the minister with regard to the matter. Last year he gave me a most considerate answer and said that the matter would be looked into.

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