August 17, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Chisholm Macdonald (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of National Defence)


Mr. MACDONALD (Halifax):

This vote will, I hope, help to end a menace and a nuisance that has existed in Halifax since 1916 when the Fairview subway was built as part of the Halifax ocean terminals project. It is the main exit out of the city of Halifax, and it presents two problems, one having to do with flooding and the other with the passage of traffic. The vote here is for the construction of improvements to drainage works at Fairview. It is quite true that flood conditions there, following torrential rains, render this subway impassable at times, but there is also great danger to traffic moving to and from the subway, in and out of the city. What I wish to inquire about is whether this vote will cover not only drainage and improvements but also improvements to the subway, so that it will help to make the passageway safer for traffic. It is a problem which concerns not only the Canadian government railways but the department of highways of the Nova Scotia government and, as well, the city of Halifax. All three parties should be interested in the work to be done, and I would ask the minister whether he has the approval and concurrence of the provincial highways department and the city of Halifax for the proposed work.

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