April 25, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)



I will give an account of the plan of operations for the coming season. Of course this is subject to change in minor details, according to circumstances, but the plan at present intended is as follows :
Yukon Territory : Mr. R G. McConnell, Mr. Joseph Keele, assistant; gold district of sixty miles, Thistle Creek and South Forks of Big Salmon river-possibly the coast west of White Pass Railway and south of White Horse. British Columbia ; Mr. R. W. Brock, assistant Mr. W. W. Leach; Boundary Creek, Mr. James McBvoy and Mr. Theo. Denis, assistant; Crow's Nest Pass coal field. Manitoba and North-west Territories : Mr. Lawrence Lamb and one assistant; Red Deer river, collecting cretaceous fossils. Ontario r Dr. A. E. Barlow, Sudbury district, lithological investigations; Prof. John Macoun, botany of north shore of Lake Erie and of east shore of Lake Huron to Cape Hurd; exploration of Temagami Lake Park. Dr. Ellis, with two assistants, will finish what is called the Kingston district. Mr. Robert Chalmers will go to the St. Lawrence Valley and westward to Lake Huron to investigate wells and borings for water, gas and petroleum. It is also intended to explore the region between Lake Nipiging and Lake St. Joseph, the north shore of lake north of Jackflsh Bay and Muskoka distriot. In Quebec and Ontario, Mr. W. J. Wilson, with one assistant, will go to the valley of Abitibi river, and Mr. Frank Johnson with one assistant will go around Lake Abitibi and northward and eastward in connection with Mr. Wilson. Dr. Ami will be in the valley of the St. Lawrence, in Quebec city west of Lake St. Francis, and Ottawa Valley west of Mattawa. In northern Ontario and the district of Keewatin, Mr. D. B. Dowling and Mr. James Macoun, with one assistant, will be in the region south-west of Cape Henrietta Maria track survey of Opazotika river, geology and zoology and botany. Mr. A. P. Low will be east of Hudson's Bay and the outside chain of islands in the eastern part of the bay. In New Brunswick, Prof. Bailey will continue the work of 1900 in the south-west part of the province. In Nova Scotia, Mr. Hugh Fletcher, with Mr. McLeod and Mr. Alan McKinnon, will be in Annapolis, King's and Cumberland counties ; Dr. George Matthews collecting fossils at Bras d'Or and Mira, and Mr. E. R. Fairbault in Halifax, Lunenburg and King's counties.
That is the plan prepared by the director for the coming season, but of course it is subject to change.
Mr. LaRIVIERE. While I do not want to find fault with the programme of the hon. minister. I think it is about time that a separate account should he kept as between Manitoba and the North-west Territories. In a great many instances we see in the public records that Manitoba and the North-west Territories are combined as in the present programme. I fail to observe that any explorations are to be made in Manitoba proper, but yet the province of Manitoba, together with the Territories, will be charged with the cost of explorations
that are exclusively to be made in the Territories. It is about time that the province of Manitoba should stand by herself in these accounts, the same as the other provinces, because we are debited with expenditure that is not properly made in the province of Manitoba. It is made to appear that Manitoba draws certain expenditures from the public treasury which is not the case in reality. It is the same way with regard to other accounts. I might say that Manitoba is not properly treated with regard to her exports. She is not credited with the am'ount of exports she makes, and I think it is time to put a stop to this mixing up of the accounts of Manitoba and the Territories.

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