April 25, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Robert Franklin Sutherland



Not without notice. If my bon. friend from Jacques Cartier did not bring it up I would have been the first one to do so. I have no interest in this matter except to see that justice is done to the gentleman who is attacked. As to the merits or demerits of the case, I suppose that, both at the time of the occurrence and since, there has been an effort made to make political capital by the parties locally. However, that will be taken up, X suppose, by other parties. I want, Mr. Speaker, to confine myself to the interrogation I made at the time to the hon. member for Jacques Cartier, and to ask him if he will now name some reasonable time within which he will take an opportunity, either to substantiate his allegations, or withdraw them. Surely that hon. gentleman, as a lawyer of experience, should know that before making such a charge, and before asking for a committee of investigation, he should have some reliable foundation to work upon. I would ask him now to say what time he would consider reasonable within which to produce his proof. The reference to the papers in the Militia Department can have nothing to do with the matter now under discussion or with the statement made against Mr. King. It does not affect it at all whether they exist or do not exist, or whether they are brought down or whether they are not brought down. I would ask the hon. gentleman if it is not fair and in the interest, not only of the gentleman accused, but in the interest of all parties that he should take whatever reasonable time he thinks requisite and say that he will, at the expiration of that time, be prepared to act according to whatever information he may have. That is all I can ask of the hon. gentleman.

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