April 25, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)



I am not going into the matter as to where any fault may lie. The Minister of Militia has done his duty so far as he could. Certain papers were not in the report, his attention was called to the fact, and, I presume, that in a very short time he will be able to produce them. I will say now, moreover, in justice to the hon. member for Beauharnois (Mr. Boy), that he informed me last evening that he intended to bring up this motion to-day, and I saw no objection to his doing so. As to issuing a commission to investigate this matter, I must say that the House certainly will not expect a commission of this kind. There has been no charge made
against anybody. Insinuations have been made against Mr. King, the Deputy Minister of Labour, but the hon. member for Jacques Cartier does not even take the responsibility of that charge, he does not give the warrant of his name in support of that charge; he simply says that he heard statements from some party, but he gave them for what they were worth. Well, so long as we have no more substantial charge than that against a competent officer like Mr. King, I do not think there is anything to investigate.

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