July 22, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Douglas King Hazen

Progressive Conservative

Mr. D. KING HAZEN (St. John-Albert):

Mr. Speaker, I hope that the amendments to the National Housing Act which are set out in general terms in the resolution which the Minister of Reconstruction and Supply (Mr. Howe) moved this afternoon, in the course of his long and instructive speech, will result in relieving the housing shortage that has existed in this country for too long a time. The fact that these amendments are being made seems to me to be an admission on the part of the government that it has failed or has not been successful up to the present time in the efforts it has made.
It is not my intention to speak at any length this evening, but I want to bring to the attention of the Minister of Reconstruction and Supply the fact that there exists in Saint John and vicinity, as well as in other urban centres in New Brunswick, an acute shortage of housing accommodation, which shortage works great hardship on the men who served in our armed forces and who are now endeavouring to reestablish themselves in civil life. A few days ago I received from Mr. L. W. Elster, secretary of the Saint John branch of the Canadian legion of the British empire service league a copy of a resolution which had been moved by Reverend W. C. V. Martin, seconded by A. E. Skaling, and carried unanimously at a meeting held on August 8. The resolution, which sets out clearly the situation that exists there reads as follows:
Whereas Saint John branch No. 14 view with alarm the indifferent attitude of government bodies in providing low cost housing accommodation to fit the incomes of lower paid working men, among which are a large proportion of ex-service men.
It is resolved, that we, the Saint John branch, do strongly demand that immediate action be taken by government authorities to relieve the appalling housing conditions under which exservice personnel are now compelled to exist, which is poor compensation for the sacrifices they made, and the promises they were given for a better future for themselves and their children;
And be it further resolved, copies of this resolution be forwarded to Prime Minister King, Reconstruction Minister Howe, E. King Hazen, M.P.. dominion command, provincial command. Premier McNair and the mayor and common council, warden and councillors of the municipal council of the city and county of Saint John.
I recognize the fact that the dominion government cannot perform miracles, but it has held out certain hopes and made certain promises to our returned men and it is up to it to implement those promises.
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