July 22, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. MITCHELL: (Minister of Labour)


1. The national registration cards (certificates) issued during the war are still in use.
The principal purposes for continuing the use of the certificates are: (a) So that the registration records from which much information is still being supplied may be kept as up to date as possible; (b) The certificates are still being used for identification purposes by the national employment service and other governmental agencies; (c) To assist the authorities in clearing up unfinished cases and investigations of desertions from the armed forces, defaults and delinquencies under the national resources mobilization regulations, the defence of Canada regulations and other wartime controls.

Questions as Orders for Returns
2. Very few prosecutions have been made or instituted since January 1, 1946. The exact total of such cases is not available as the provincial and municipal law enforcement authorities do not report all cases to the dominion authorities.

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