July 12, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Charles Fitzpatrick (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)



The question of the division of earnings and diversion of traffic arises under the second contract that of 1898. the troubles that have arisen under the first contract, that of 1878, are as to the use of the portion of the line between Point L6vis and Ohaudi&re Curve. 1 may say that that portion .of the line is divided into two parts. Under the agreement, that portion between Point Levis and Hadlow is the property of the Grand Trunk, while that portion between Hadlow and ChaudiSre Curve is the property of the government. It is provided under the agreement that each party has the right to use the line of the other. But difficulty has arisen concerning foreign freight cars carried over these lines. The government claim that the Grand Trunk had no right to charge them for foreign freight oars-cars belonging to other railways- 206i
carried over the Grand Trunk portion. But the Grand Trunk have made a charge of a fairly large amount on each car. The question is whether they had the right to do that, and whether they have the right to do it in the future.

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