June 17, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Bracken (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. JOHN BRACKEN (Leader of the Opposition):

I am sure all members of the house are glad to see that the Prime Minister's seat is once again occupied by the Prime Minister himself. On behalf of the official opposition I wish to extend to him a cordial welcome back to Canada and to the House of Commons. I am glad to see that he is looking well after his trip. I trust that he has found his trip not only useful but pleasant as well. I may say to him that during his absence we have done our best to keep the government on the straight and narrow path of rectitude, but in that we have been only partly successful. We have saved up a few things for his consideration on his return, among others such minor matters as the budget, redistribution, and so forth. For these reasons I am sure

The Prime Minister
that those who sit at his back will be as glad as we are in the opposition to welcome him home.
As a matter of interest, the Prime Minister returned on a ship which, according to the papers, carried two thousand brides. I would be the last to offer the Prime Minister any advice in his domestic affairs, and I suppose I would be the last from whom he would accept any such advice, but having failed at least in one respect during his threescore years and ten,
I am sure the Canadian people would not have objected had that ship contained two thousand and one brides.
Again let me say on behalf of the official opposition that we cordially welcome the Prime Minister, and we look forward to the report of his visit overseas.

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