May 16, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. McILRAITH: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Reconstruction and Supply)


1. 1944, 10,763,726 pounds; 1945, 7,798,205
pounds. (Of this latter amount, 3,948,204 pounds were produced by the company for its own account.) .
2. Nil. The company agreed to manage and operate the plant until the cessation of hostilities without fee or profit.
3. 83,464,102.15.
4. $1,400,000.
5. The lack of an assured peace-time market for the product, the need for a capital outlay in excess of half a million dollars on the part of the purchaser for modification and improvements, heavy depreciation because of the character of the process and a reasonable writeoff for high war-time construction costs were factors taken into account in determining the selling price.

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