May 3, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Daniel (Dan) McIvor


Mr. DANIEL McIVOR (Fort William):

I should like to join with others in paying my tribute to the one we knew as "Wally" McDonald, because I was Protestant, he was Roman Catholic; because after coming to this house we were close neighbours; because we agreed on the essentials of the Christian life. I found that he had little patience with those who would raise religious or race prejudice. Time and again when we discussed the question of religion we were at one in the view that if we Protestants and Roman Catholic but agreed on the great essentials there would be a far greater approach to unity in Canada. He also assured me that the closer we all get to Him who is the source of truth the closer we shall get to each other. I would pay my tribute to him as a Christian. As he also told me, we grow like our parents, and very much depends on who our parents or our early guardians were as to which branch of the church gets us into the kingdom of heaven. I am sure we think to-day of Wally McDonald not as dead but as living, because he placed his trust in Him who can keep him alive.

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