April 17, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


James Horace King (Speaker of the Senate)



I have the honour to
inform the house that the Clerk has laid on the table to-day the reply of the Right Honourable the Earl of Athlone to the joint address of farewell presented to him by the Senate and the House of Commons, as follows:
Honourable members of the Senate,
Members of the House of Commons,
I thank you most sincerely for the; kind address of farewell which you have presented to me on the occasion of my approaching retirement as governor general of the Dominion of Canada.
It is with feelings of regret that I am concluding my official relationship as the representative of His Majesty the King in this country. It has been an honour and a great privilege to have served as governor general during the most eventful and calamitous years in the history of our time. The period of the war was fraught with innumerable difficulties many of which appeared at the time to be insurmountable. But parliament and the Canadian people, by their unselfish and untiring devotion to the cause of freedom, played a major part in the victorious struggle of the united nations against the implacable enemies of democracy.
My numerous tours of this vast country have enabled me to see almost every section of Canada.
I have been a witness of the efficiency, pel-severance and courage displayed by the men and women of Canada, whether they served in ' the armed forces or were engaged in factories or in one of the numerous societies which performed such miracles of organization and effectiveness. This ready response to the call of duty was an* evidence of the loyalty of the Canadian people to His Majesty the King and to the British commonwealth of nations, of which Canada is so important a part.
I am very much pleased to record that my relations with the members of both houses have been of the happiest.
I shall not fail, on my return to England, to convey to Their Majesties the King and Queen the loyal sentiments so admirably expressed in your address. It will be my pleasure also to convey to Queen Mary your kind remembrances. Her Majesty the Queen Mother has the warmest interest in the people of this country.
I join with you in expressing the hope that Their Royal Highnesses the Princess Elizabeth and the Princess Margaret may pay a visit to Canada in the near future.
On behalf of Princess Alice I wish to convey to you Her Royal Highness' appreciation for the very kind references you have made to her in your address. These have touched us both very deeply.
TMr. Pouliot.l
We shall never forget what Canada has contributed during the past six difficult and testing years. She earned the admiration and true gratitude of all free peoples for her magnificent and munificent contribution to the victorious prosecution of the war and to the welfare and rehabilitation of the suffering peoples of the world.
In bidding you farewell, Princess Alice and I wish to assure you of our deep and abiding affection and at the same time to express our complete confidence in the continued prosperity of Canada and the maintenance of her proud position as the senior dominion of the British commonwealth of nations.

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