July 8, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Henry Robert Emmerson (Minister of Railways and Canals)



I was asked to furnish some information respecting the protection to Grand Narrows Bridge. I find that I was a little in error in giving the prices of timber. For two inch creosote sheathing the lowest tender, that of Wyckoff Creosote Co. of Stamford. Conn., at $45 per thousand feet board measure, was accepted. For ballast
6265 JULY 8, 1904 6266
poles, A. Mackenzie, of River John, was tlie successful tenderer at one and three-quarter cents per lineal foot. Hemlock logs, ten inches, was given to D. McLean, Orangedale. at six cents per lineal foot for a portion and another portion was let to R. McGregor & Sons, of New Glasgow, at seven and a half cents. Hemlock logs, twelve inches, was given to R. McGregor &. Sons of New Glasgow at nine and three-quarter cents per lineal foot. Square timber was given the same firm at $10.50 per thousand feet board measure. I was asked by my hon. friend from South Lanark (Mr. Haggart) for the name of the party who got the contract for car couplers. It was given to Geo. McAvity, of St. John, and the Monarch Coupler Co., of Detroit. The price to McAvity is $17.50 delivered in Montreal, and to the Monarch Coupler Co. $17 delivered in Detroit. What page of ' Hansard ' did my hon. friend refer to a few moments ago ?

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