December 17, 1945 (20th Parliament, 1st Session)


Herbert Wilfred Herridge

Independent C.C.F.

Mr. H. W. HERRIDGE (Kootenay West):

I am very happy to extend my personal congratulations to the Prime Minister on this event, and I am also happy to extend best wishes to the right hon. gentleman on behalf of my father, who has been a supporter of the Liberal party for seventy years.
Hon. IAN A. MACKENZIE (Minister of Veterans Affairs): Perhaps I might be permitted by my colleagues here, because for the moment we know no parties in this house, to join in these very happy expressions of congratulations to one of the greatest Canadians of all time. We who have worked with him, who know the great story of his life, who know the promise of the dawn, the fulfilment at noontide and the notable achievements of the mellow afternoon, wish for him, now that he is approaching the twilight, happiness, health, peace, and sweet content.
Hon. LOUIS S. ST. LAURENT (Minister
of Justice) (Translation): Mr. Speaker, I am sure that all the hon. members of this house whose mother tongue is that one of the two official languages of this country which has not yet been used this morning for the purpose of congratulating the right honourable the Prime Minister (Mr. Mackenzie King) are anxious that we should tell him in French how much we share in his joyous feelings on this anniversary, and with what sincerity and true affection we associate ourselves with the other hon. members of the house in complimenting him not only on having reached the age of 71, but also on having achieved the wonderful work which has marked his whole career, and in wishing that he may long continue to enjoy good health so that he may perform many other meritorious deeds in the interests of the Canadian nation.

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