April 24, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Edward Gawler Prior

Conservative (1867-1942)

Hon. E. G. PRIOR (Victoria, B.C.).

Before the Orders of the Day are called, I would like to ask the right hon. Prime Minister (Sir Wilfrid Laurier), as I see the hon. Minister of Marine and Fisheries (Sir Louis Davies) is not in his place, whether he knows anything in regard to the case of the steamer Willamette, which was wrecked not long ago on the east coast of Vancouver Island at Denman Island. The wreck, I believe, was bought by Moran Bros., of Seattle, two American citizens, and it iss now, I am informed, being salvaged, or wrecked, by these two Americans. I would like to ask the right hon. gentleman whether they have any right, under the laws of the Dominion, to do that work, or whether it is not fair that the wrecking should be done by Canadian wreckers ? I am not exactly au fait with the law on that matter, but it seems to me if it is possible for the government to interfere and see that the work is done by Canadians instead of Americans it would be well to do so.

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