April 24, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


The MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE (Hon. Sydney Fisher) :

1. No, but it bas been reported by captains of vessels arriving, and notification of this bas been sent to my officers.
2. All Asiatics arriving, even on healthy vessels, have to go through the process of disinfection of their persons1 and effects.
Articles subject to soil contamination such as water chestnuts, salt eggs, yams, lily bulbs, and similar products packed in loam are disinfected unless accompanied by a

satisfactory certificate from a sanitary authority at the port of departure that they do not come from an infected district.
The addition of a bacteriological laboratory to the appliances of the William Head quarantine station near Victoria and the appointment of an assistant medical officer at the quarantine who is a trained bacteriologist.
The notification from time to time of my officers as news of -the disease reaches my department and the repeated warning to all quarantine officers on the Pacific coast to keep- the possibility of this disease in mind in making all inspections.

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