November 14, 1945 (20th Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. McILRAITH: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Reconstruction)


1. J. H. Berry, chairman, president of war assets corporation; P. R. Bengough, representing trades and labour congress of Canada, 172 MacLaren street; A. Ross, deputy minister, Department of National Defence (army), Room 301, Canadian building; C. K. C. Martin, chief of distribution division, wartime prices and trade board; W. D. Matthews, chief administrative officer, Department of External Affairs, east block; E. P. Murphy, deputy minister, Department of Public Works, Hunter building; B. G. McIntyre, comptroller of the treasury, Confederation building; J. F. Desmarais, horticulteur, Iberville, P.Q.; Finlay Sim, secretary, Department of Trade and Commerce, west block; W. S. Woods, deputy minister, Department of Veterans Affairs, room 12, Daly building; Mrs. C. H. Thorburn, 209 Daly avenue, Ottawa, Ontario; T. Earl Walker, Department of Transport, Hunter building.
2. Under the terms of order in council P.C.
8640, dated November 10, 1944, capital
expenditures certified by the depreciation

committee of the Department of Reconstruction would qualify for a rate of depreciation at the option of the taxpayer from one-'nalf to double the rates normally allowed. However, no depreciation shall be allowed after the aggregate of the allowances made thereunder equals 80 per cent of the capital costs so certified.
The cumulative capital expenditures certified, as at November 10, 1945, by the depreciation committee amounts to $208,412,589.14.

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