November 8, 1945 (20th Parliament, 1st Session)


Wilfrid Garfield Case

Progressive Conservative


May I say to my hon. friend
that we had that thought in mind when we introduced an amendment this afternoon which, in my opinion, would have satisfied all classes of the Canadian people. I do not want my discussion in any sense- to raise controversy. I hope hon. members will1 understand that I am speaking from a sense of reality and not trying in any way to detract from the contribution which hon. members made in a very trying period in Canada's war history, a time when I was not present in the house. I repeat that I am in no sense detracting from what has been* done.
But I do say that introducing this resolution at this time will bring to this country something that we can ill afford to have happen. The hon. member for Spadina (Mr. Croll) has said that our Canadian boys fought and died. I wish to say in all sincerity that they fought and died under two flags, both of which they loved and cherished; the union jack, emblematic of the empire, and the red ensign, emblematic of their own native land, their beloved dominion.
I think I can say this with some degree of understanding, because I have had representations made to me by Canadian people that they would respect a national flag. However, in the main they believe, and I think it would be accepted, that the red ensign would satisfy them and the majority of the Canadian people. That would end the controversy which we are likely to experience, not only in setting up the committee but in the references to the committee. I am sure the committee will have upwards of one hundred designs submitted to it. The committee will have to agree upon those designs and bring them back to this house, and then t'he controversy will start all over again. I suggest to the minister that they seek to settle this issue on the

Privilege-Mr. Golding

floor of the house now, or allow it to stand for a matter of six months when we shall be able to think of it in less passionate terms.
On motion of Mr. Hansell the debate was adjourned.

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