November 8, 1945 (20th Parliament, 1st Session)


Norman Jaques

Social Credit

Mr. NORMAN JAQUES (Wetaskiwin):

I have no wish to add to the "57" varieties, nor do I wish to cast reflection on any member of this house, but I cannot help asking myself whether there is a hidden meaning behind or underneath this demand for a national flag and a national anthem, because I know very well that the main drive for these national emblems proceeds from those very people who are opposed to nationalism to-day, and are determined to internationalize this country and all other countries^
Let me go back a few years. I think it was in April of 1943, at a meeting which was held in Ottawa, that the editor of Saturday Night, one of the leading weeklies of this country, advocated that the loyalty of the
Canadian Flag

people of Canada should be weaned away from the crown to something wider than the crown, than Canada, than the empire, or even than democracy. I remember rising in my place in this house and denouncing that statement. What did I earn for myself? From one end of Canada to the other I was abused by many of these very people who now demand a Canadian national flag and anthem. One week after I made my protest Secretary Henry Morgenthau disclosed-and I shall now quote from the press dispatch from Washington, which is as follows:
Secretary Henry Morgenthau disclosed today-
That was one week after the meeting was held here in Ottawa.

comprehensive administration plans to stabilize post-war currencies and fix their value in terms of gold. The plans involve-
, I shall read just the last paragraph:
Both plans entail the establishment of a stabilization fund to be managed by an international bank, vitally important because it would mean that participating countries would lose control over the value of their currencies. . . . This control would be vested in the bank, not in a parliament or a congress, and if a country wanted the rate lowered or increased it could only appeal to the bank, not take action itself.
It was explained at that meeting in Ottawa that we must surrender our control over our finances, natural resources, immigration and several other things. It is these people who to-day are so keen on a Canadian flag and a Canadian national anthem. Only last February a secret meeting in Chatham House, London, England, was attended by, among others, the editor of the Winnipeg Free Press, which was more outspoken than anybody else in denouncing me in 1943 when I objected to the surrender of Canadian sovereignty-

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