October 23, 1945 (20th Parliament, 1st Session)


Ralph Maybank



Precisely, Mr. Speaker; that is the point. Moreover, there is also the question of the privileges of the house itself, as you will observe from the remainder of that which I desire to present to you. That which I have read as being the report of a letter by the hon. member for Winnipeg North (Mr. Stewart) is not merely an inaccuracy, nor can it even be called a distorted report of anything that occurred in this house. It might be termed a perversion of the truth, but a better way of describing it would be to say that it is pure fiction and has no relation whatsoever to truth. It is a complete make-up.
The newspaper story states that Alistair Stewart, who is the representative of Winnipeg North in this House of Commons, brought up in this chamber the question of a resolution of the Winnipeg and district trades and labour council which had been passed at a mass meeting, dealing with the question of reconversion, unemployment in the aircraft industry and the post-war programme prepared by the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada. The said Alistair Stewart, the member referred to in the news story, never did bring up this question in this chamber. In fact the said gentleman never initiated anything in this chamber at any time. The said gentleman is reported to have stated that I talked out the resolution which he had brought up and that therefore no vote could be taken on it. That statement, of course, is utterly without foundation. Not content with an excursion into the realm of fancy to the extent already indicated, he goes on to say that government members in this chamber congratulated me for the imaginary sabotage of a mythical proposal.
If the hon. gentleman is correctly reported it is probably incumbent upon us to offer him our congratulations upon his flair for publicity, but at the same time this is a mere fairy tale as far as being a report of the proceeding in this chamber is concerned. I submit therefore that it is not merely my privilege but my duty to bring to the atten-
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tion of the house this misreport, which, like all libels, will find its way far abroad as a result of the manner in which it is put out.

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