October 10, 1945 (20th Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. MACDONALD (Halifax): (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of National Defence)


1. Shelburne was originally recommended for the location of a defended harbour and small advance base by a special sub-committee of naval staff appointed to consider requirements for bases and fleet anchorages. This report was delivered to naval staff 25 June, 1940.
The war committee of the cabinet approved the establishment of a naval base at Shelburne on 17 July, 1940.
The actual site occupied on the harbour was selected following an investigation by experienced naval officers and engineers of the Department of Public Works. All possibilities were considered and the location now occupied selected as being the most suitable for naval development. The site was actually selected in September, 1940.
2. The following is a list of persons from whom land was purchased or expropriated and the amount paid to each of them:
Name Amount
1. Howard Firth et al (Adam Firth
Estate) $2,239 50
2. Henry Ebson Goodick (Wm. Hill
Estate) 161 00
3. Abigail Coffin, Ellen J. McGrath
& Ralph Own McGrath et al (Penny Estate) 124 20
4. Municipality of the District of
Shelburne 400 00
5. Martha S. Swansburg et al
(Ellsworth Swansburg Estate) 622 506. Locksley & Elzear Crowe et al ' 900 007. Albert McCarthy et al (AndrewClayton McCarthy Estate) ... 153 008. Bessie E. Ringer
150 009. The Colin C. King Estate 3,000 00Total
$7,750 20

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