October 10, 1945 (20th Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. MACDONALD (Halifax): (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of National Defence)


1. Total amount expended to 31 August, 1945, 84,029,751.10.
2. Both.
3. (a), (b), (c).
(1) Acadia Construction Co. Ltd., works and building, base generally, marine railway, drydock, 13,202,919.31.
(2) M. A. Condon & Son (through Department of Public Works), main wharf and approach boom, defence buildings, fencing, 8344,424.10.
(3) James N. Kenney, wharf sub-station, heating and power lines, etc., $103,832.89.
(4) Horton Steel Works, fuel oil storage tanks, $20,002.00.
(5) National Iron Corp. Ltd., pipe and fittings for water supply, $32,656.62.
(6) Supreme Power Supplies, transformers for building No. 25, $2,192.

Note.-Work on the naval base was also done by the Departments of Public Works, Transport, National Defence for Air and Army and by the Canadian National Railways, particulars of which are as follows:
(1) The Department of Public Works, dredging and crane, grading and levelling, boom, defence grounds, $238,124.05.
(2) The Department of Transport, naval share of power, naval share reconstructing Sand Point road, $54,264.39.
(3) Department of National Defence (Air), fire alarm system, $2,265.11.
(4) Department of National Defence (Army), naval share,' Diesel generator, $2,538.50.
(5) Canadian National Railways, railway sidings and spurs, $26,532.13.
Total amount, $4,029,751.10.
4. Shelburne is still in use as a refitting base and for storage of naval equipment and ammunition. Prior to the end of hostilities with Japan a number of ships allocated for service with the Royal Canadian Navy Pacific fleet were sent there for refit. These refits are being completed, and the ships are included among those which it is proposed to retain. Certain ships being declared surplus will, by arrangements with the War Assets Corporation, be sent to Shelburne to be winterized and will then be laid up in that port.
5. As at 28 September, 1945, there were 1,162 naval personnel stationed at Shelburne, Nova Scotia exclusive of naval personnel in ships based on Shelburne.

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