April 13, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


George Hugh Castleden

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)


Under the preparations in the Department of Munitions and Supply there is, I understand, a scheme whereby the government enters into a certain oil field1 area and does some research work in drilling and finding out whether oil is obtainable. In some cases they themselves sink wells, and, I understand, if a well is found to be productive the government takes out sufficient oil to pay for the cost of the operation and hands the thing over. In the Kamsack area of Saskatchewan they have drilled some shallow wells and have obtained sufficient natural gas to heat the town; and there is every evidence of oil being available deeper down. The people of that area would like to know what the possibilities are that the government will investigate that field and take some action by way of drilling to see whether or not oil is there; and they would like to know what steps they should take if that plan is to be continued this year under these estimates.

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