April 13, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


Gordon Graydon (Leader of the Official Opposition)

National Government

Mr. GORDON GRAYDON (Leader of the Opposition):

Well, Mr. Speaker, at last they have been forced to go to the country. May I say to you, Mr. Speaker, and to the Prime Minister, that as a party we have been desirous of having the business of the house concluded and the various readings given the necessary bills by to-night, if at all possible. That has been our general policy with respect to this matter, and I was about to rise to indicate our desire to be cooperative in that respect. In doing so, however, I should like to point out that there is a tremendous amount of work still to be accomplished as far as this chamber is concerned. I take it that work which otherwise would take weeks and weeks will not be attended to because of the shortness of the session. The responsibility for that situation, as I pointed out the other

day, does not rest with us but with the government. We are making a great sacrifice in order that the civil supply and war appropriation bills may be duly assented to before the expiration of this parliament, but, as I said in my address to the house the day before yesterday, we are anxious that the government shall not take it upon itself to adjourn, prorogue or dissolve before these bills are properly passed and the order paper cleared.
At this stage I should like to say to the Prime Minister that for quite a long time we have been hoping that he and his government would finally summon up enough courage to face the people. It is no wonder that we received with a great deal of interest and delight the announcement which has just been made. While we realize that it takes courage and fortitude on the part of the members of any political party who aspire to carry on government in these difficult days, nevertheless I want to tell the Prime Minister that no party or group in this house welcomes the announcement that the government is going to the country more than the Progressive Conservative party does, for the very good reason that after the appeal to the people we shall be ready and willing and prepared to form the next government of Canada.

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