April 10, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


Alfred Henry Bence

Progressive Conservative


I should like to raise one point with the parliamentary assistant because at various times it has rather disconcerted me. Quite frequently members of parliament receive communications or visits from their constituents inquiring why they have not received replies to letters addressed to various departments of the government, particularly the Department of National Defence. By approaching the minister's office I have always been able to get fairly prompt replies to my inquiries, but quite frequently I do not want to bother the minister's office; and on a *number of occasions, as I say, I have been considerably disconcerted by not receiving *replies to letters addressed to this and other departments. There may be some reason for this, but I should like to point out to the parliamentary assistant that a member's constituents feel he is the one man in Ottawa to whom they can go to get information, and -when the member writes a letter to a particular department it seems to me at least an acknowledgment should be received within A very short time.
Mr, ABBOTT: I quite agree.

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