April 9, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


Mr. CHEVRIER: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Munitions and Supply)


1. Yes, under the British commonwealth air training plan.
2. Yes.
3. Department of Transport engineering personnel-District airway engineer, 0. L.
Colborne-up to June 30, 1943; district airway engineer, J. H. Curzon-from July 1, 1943 to the present; resident engineer-G. L. Taylor; inspector-Carl Warren; inspection firm-F. J. Leduc & Associates.
4. The district airway engineer's office is located at 904 Confederation Bldg., Montreal, P.Q. The firm of F. J. Leduc & Associates is located at 354 St. Catherine East (Corner St. Denis), Montreal, P.Q.
5. Total amount paid out on Department of Transport engineering services, (salaries, expenses, etc.)-$20,156.18. Total amount paid out on fees to F. J. Leduc & Associates- $11,968.36.
6. Yes.
7. See answer to No. 6
S and 9. No new disbursements have so far been made in connection with this airport, but a contract has been entered into with Mr. Louis H. Tremblay for the fencing of the right of way of the entrance road, at an estimated cost of $2,700. Mr. Tremblay has. commenced this work, but no money has, as yet, been paid to him for the same.

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