April 5, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


Alfred Henry Bence

Progressive Conservative


I am not entirely satisfied with the explanation that has been given in the ease of Air Marshal Breadner and the substantial pensions which are being paid to members of the air force who are now being retired. I must say that I agree personally with the stand which the minister took when he assumed this portfolio and decided that the situation should go back to what it was prior to Air Marshal Breadner's going overseas, when the officer who then held that position had to report through the chief of the air staff in this country. It is obvious, it seems obvious to the public, that Air Marshal Breadner was anxious to go overseas. I do not know him personally. I presume that he is an admirable officer and certainly he had a good war record. He wished to go overseas and to have while serving overseas the compensations he enjoyed in connection with income tax and all that kind of thing, but he refused to accept the discomforts of the situation of having to report to a new chief of air staff, having himself held that high position in Canada, and instead reported direct to the minister.

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