April 5, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


Ernest Edward Perley

National Government


Since there is a little boasting going on by the maritimers about enlistments I should like to put something on the record which the public of Canada ought to know. I think we all agree that the Canadian navy is doing a wonderful job and too much praise cannot be showered on the achievements of our men. According to the minister's statement appearing on page 404 of Hansard, of the
90.000 naval ratings over twenty-five per cent came from the prairie provinces and nearly
7.000 of them from Saskatchewan. A great many of these men who enlisted from our province hardly knew how to step into a rowboat, certainly not into a canoe, and had never seen as much water as would cover a ten acre surface until they joined the navy. But these men from the prairies have made a wonderful record for themselves. They seem to take to the sea kindly. They have done a wonderful job. Many of them have won promotion purely on their meritorious service in the navy. It is worthy of record that the three prairie provinces have contributed twenty-five per cent of the ratings in the Canadian navy. I just wanted to say a word of praise for the men wdio have enlisted from Saskatchewan and the other prairie provinces in the Canadian navy.

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