April 5, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)



National Government

1. How many farms have been purchased in the Qu'Appelle constituency to be used for the establishment of returned men, and from whom were such farms purchased?
2. What was the amount paid per acre?
3. How many options have been taken on farm properties?
4. How many returned men have been established or settled on farms in Qu'Appelle constituency to date?
Mr. MACKENZIE (Vancouver Centre);
As at February 28, 1945.
While the property records do not take constituency boundaries into account, *in this instance it is possible to supply the information in the desired form.
1. Eleven. M. E. Wilde, F. Horsley, Director of Soldier Settlement, F. O. Callin, Mrs. M. D. Woodward, Canadian Bank of Com-
1 Mr. Dsley.l
merce, Director of Soldier Settlement, Mrs. M. Murton, C. H. Murton, Schupp Estate, G. W. Prior.
2. $11.10, inclusive of existing improvements.
3. It is not the policy of the administration to take options. Forty-six farm properties have been approved for purchase in the Regina regional area, which includes Qu'Appelle constituency, but the transactions have not yet been completed.
4. Two

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