April 3, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


Angus Lewis Macdonald (Minister of National Defence for Naval Services)


Mr. MACDONALD (Kingston City):

We have always looked on Halifax as one of our great bases in the east and Esquimalt on the west coast, and I should think there always would be units of the navy on both the east and the west coasts.
As to the exact composition of the navy in the post-war period, my hon. friend will understand that the nature of navies changes.
I would hope that in the post-war years the naval air arm would have the place that it deserves. That is why we have made a small beginning, but nevertheless a beginning, in that field of naval warfare at this time. Exactly what ships will be in the navy I do not know. There would always be destroyers I should think, and having regard to the trend of warfare I think we should have aircraft carriers. Beyond that it would be very difficult to go just now. I would hope that we might have a couple of cruisers, but I could not go into any greater detail at this time.

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