April 3, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


Douglas Gooderham Ross

National Government

Mr. ROSS (St. Paul's):

That is fine; he
agrees with me. I just wished to make that point clear, because 1 am sure those lads in the navy would like to know what has been done in the shipyards of Toronto. I repeat that the Toronto shipbuilding yards are the most efficient in Canada to-day, and that in those yards ships have been built cheaper than in any other yards in Canada. I am telling the committee something that is worth knowing.
Certainly I do not want to see those yards dismantled. We know that after the last war many of the lads who served in the merchant marine Left the service. Toronto was not an ocean port, and the result was that many of the shipyards at that point were dismantled and- went out of business. The remarkable feature, to- my mind1, is how those men, who had such a keen interest in the navy, stuck to it, despite all that was done to their native city of Toronto. Some of the shipbuilding industry went to Port Arthur, and other sections of it went to other points.
As I have said to the minister before, there is no more naval-minded city in Canada than the city of Toronto. I know he will agree when I say the Royal Canadian Yacht club and the Queen City Yacht club have contributed more officers than almost any other yacht clubs in Canada, and perhaps in the world.
Again may I compliment him upon his speech, and also thank him for the fact that at last we are to have a permanent barracks in Toronto for the Royal Canadian Navy. I pay my tribute to all who have done so much for the naval service, and would mention particularly the navy league. May I, briefly, compliment the minister upon the manner in which he has handled his job.

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