April 3, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


James Arthur Ross

National Government

Mr. J. A. ROSS (Souris):

I am one of those who believe this house should have been called together two months ago in order to examine these huge expenditures now before us. We realize that the interim budget presented to-day is on the same scale as that of a year ago, which was the largest in the history of this country. Although we sat for some seven months last year it was impossible to get all the details we would have liked in connection with that budget. Therefore I believe the public will realize that with less than ten sitting days before us it will be impossible to obtain all the information we

War Appropriation

But when the war is won, we shall be faced with the all-important problem, of reconstruction, I do not think this government has a proper reconstruction policy for the country. In this respect I am sorry the Prime Minister (Mr. Mackenzie King) refused to hold a dominion-provincial conference, because I am one who believes, rightly or wrongly, that you cannot have a proper reconstruction policy in Canada without consulting the provincial governments. In my view it would be impossible to do so. I have discussed the matter with provincial and municipal officials, and they all feel that we cannot have a sound reconstruction policy for the future until such time as a dominion-provincial conference has been held, and some discussion has been had on the matter.
Coming back to the matter of the present man-power policy, I was amazed to-day to hear the hon. member for Rosetown-Biggar <(Mr. Coldwell) talk about the lesser issue of winning the war. I believe that was what he *said this afternoon, when discussing this subject. To my mind that is the all-important issue before this country and the world to-day. I am sure there is no one in the house who would feel very happy about the solution of our post-war problems if we did not first win the war, and do everything we can for those gallant men and women who have played their parts, and many of whom have given their all, in this greatest issue of all time for our nation.

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