March 29, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


Stanley Howard Knowles (Whip of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation)

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)


On the question of the payment of gratuities to the next of kin, before we got off on a little by-path the hon. member for Lake Centre asked the minister to indicate the arguments against such payments. The only argument I heard him give was that certain limitations were contained in the legislation passed by parliament last year, although some of us did not understand it in that way at the time. Apart from that the rest of us cannot understand the objection at all, and neither can the people who are affected. I wonder if the minister would indicate what the arguments are against paying the gratuity to the next of kin without any question. Perhaps if we knew the arguments we could answer them. We would like to know the position of the government, and why it has taken so long to come around to the position which hon. members generally hold on this matter.

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