March 29, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


Douglas King Hazen

National Government


Last autumn-I do not know the exact date-a petition was sent, I am informed, by certain persons who live on what is known as the Cottage road and the Old Black river road in the village of Simonds, in the county of Saint John, New Brunswick, asking for a free delivery mail service. No reply was received to this petition and no action has been taken. On February 7 I wrote the Postmaster General at the request of some of these petitioners, pointing out to him that there are over fifty families living on these roads who have no mail delivery and that in order to get their mail they have to go to the Little River post office, which means a trip for some of them of about seven miles. I pointed out that a service of this kind is badly needed in the vicinity and I hoped that he would give the matter favourable consideration. I received a letter from him in reply, dated February 14, in which he said that he would look into the matter and see what could be done. My question is. has he had an opportunity to look into this matter and consider this request; if he has done so, what conclusion has he come to; if he has not yet come to a decision, will he give the matter his immediate attention?
Hon. N. A. . McLARTY (Secretary of State): I shall be very glad to call this matter to the attention of the Postmaster General. It is more or less localized, and I imagine that if he advises my hon. friend as to the proper answer to the question he asks, that will be sufficient.

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