March 29, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


John Horne Blackmore

Social Credit


It is unfortunate that this discussion has come on at this time. I am as anxious as any one else to see the supplementary estimates passed. However, since the question has been raised I want to associate myself with what has been said by the hon. member for Portage la Prairie and the hon. member for Souris.
Regardless of any theoretical consideration as to the justice or injustice of the effect of the income tax structure on the farmer, at the present time we are confronted with one
Supply-Revenue-Income Tax

great problem, that of getting production. I have listened to pleas over the air by officials of the Department of Agriculture urging farmers not to go out of hog production because they will lose the British market. You would think that the people who were making those pleas had never lived on the land at all; you would think that they lived in a realm of nebulous vapour instead of realizing that the farmer is confronted with hard, cold business facts. He must try to make a profit out of his work. The farmer considers that there is a tendency on the part of the federal authorities to take the full value every time he makes anything, while they will not help the farmer or assume any responsibility when he takes a loss.

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