March 29, 1945 (19th Parliament, 6th Session)


Ernest Edward Perley

National Government


I venture to say that we may have more to do with it than the hon. members sitting opposite now. A number of farmers have come to my office, after travelling quite a few miles, complaining about the income tax that they are paying and of their having been put into a higher bracket this year on account of the products they have raised on their farms, the stock, and so on. They ask me to bring it to the attention of the minister. This may not be the proper time, but I should like to mention it now. I am thinking of one farmer who is short of help. He has no sons. He was not able to get a man, but he was able to conduct his farm operations by tractor and combine and do all the work himself with the help of a man in the fall when he was combining and trucking it away. His wife and two daughters milked the cows, fed the

Supply-Revenue-Income Tax
chickens and hogs. The result of their work in milking ten cows and feeding the hogs increased his receipts some $1,500, along with the wheat and other products. That put him into a higher bracket, so that he paid nearly $800 more tax. This is what he asked me to put before the minister. Consideration should be given to the type of farmer who was carrying on farming operations such as his. He claims that the milk and cream from those ten cows put him into a higher bracket and cost him $700. He said, "Do you think that my wife and daughter are going to milk those cows this summer? Not at all. We will' allow the calves to suck the cows." A farmer such as the one I have mentioned should be given some consideration. He might be exempted in respect of the income from the dairy products. If he had a certain number of cows he should be taken out of the class of a dairy farmer who milks twenty or thirty cows. Because his wife and two daughters milked those ten cows he had to pay an additional $700 or $800 income tax. He told me that his wife and daughter would do no milking this summer. One of his daughters is not very well. I have two or three other similar cases that I could bring to the attention of the committee, but I am not going to take the time now. Consideration should be given to farmers such as the one I have mentioned, so that they will not lose the whole income by being put into a higher bracket.
I should like the minister to give me information as to where the inspectors are working in Saskatchewan. I know he has not the information at hand at the moment, but if he can get it for me I shall appreciate it. It is not necessary to put it on Hansard, but I should like to have it.

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